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Aluminium Venetian blinds Venetians are the ultimate for controlling light, shade and privacy, the tilt function enables you to angle the slats to any position allowing as much or as little light into the room as you require at any point during the day. Our aluminium Venetians are available in the traditional 35mm and 50mm ranges to the chic, colour-matched 16mm and 25mm, the Venetian blind can satisfy the demands of any home. An extensive choice of colours and finishes including wood grain, matt, gloss, satin, shimmer, stardust, pearl and perforated slats make up our collection. Other options include Privacy blinds, the use of tapes instead of cords and mono control operating wands for added safety. Intu and Perfect Fit blinds can also be made as Venetian Blinds, please see separate pages for more information.
Ultrawand controls The ultrawand system (above) is a one piece control designed with safety in mind. The raise and lower cord sits inside the ultrawand tube ensuring cords are not left hanging loose. When the blind is raised, the lift cords can be wrapped around the cleats attached to the wand.